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Hotel Consulting Service

Attract more families to your hotel!


70% of hotel reservations are made by women. So why do most hotels still cater mainly to single businessmen? We can help you tap into the market of families.


  • Create a Top 10 list of places to see, eat, play and shop with kids near the hotel

  • Create a custom guide to Istanbul with kids for your guests, in multiple languages

  • Curate souvenir goody bags for VIP guests

  • Consult on healthy, child-friendly menus with the F&B department

  • Consult with Housekeeping about babyproofing 

  • Curate 'kiddie bars' (mini bars full of healthy treats) with the F&B department

  • Identify the most 'family-friendly' rooms for different ages of children

  • Curate a box of toys to have at reception to occupy kids during check-in and check-out

  • Provide discounted rates to Momcierge services.

For more information and rates, contact Sevil at 05322234349 or send an email.

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