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Here is a selection of some of our favorite events and activities in the city.

Xtrem Aventures (Uniq, Maslak)


Now in Istanbul!

Xtrem Aventure is 8000m2-high rope climbing course already a favorite in Germany, France, the US and 14 other countries. It's surrounded by safe nets, great for the whole family. For the little ones - 4 to 8 years -  there is a special protected net zone. Children over 8 years (over 120 cm) can move through the high ropes course along various exciting tracks, secured by safety harnesses. There's even a 180m long, 15m high zip line for dare devils!

Xtrem Aventures is perfect for a shared family outing, birthday parties, youth group outings, and more!


The metro, buses, and minibuses can take you to Xtrem Aventures Istanbul quite easily. Find transport information see HERE

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09:30 -17:30 (winter hours)

Price: Age 14 years  and over, 1 hour ...35 TL

           Age 14 years and over, 2 hours ...45 TL

           Age 8-13 years, 1 hour...................30 TL

           Age 8-13 years, 2 hours.................40 TL

 Netarea (for smaller children only)

          Age 4-8 years, 1 hour......................30 TL

          Age 4-8 years, 2 hours....................40 TL


WebsiteCLICK HERE (website in Turkish only)

Ottomanya (Mall of Istanbul, Başakşehir)


Let your kids be Sultan for a day at Ottomanya, an interactive Ottoman museum at the Mall of Istanbul. At Ottomanya, kids can take part in all sorts of authentically Turkish artistic and cultural activities. At the calligraphy (hat) workshop, kids get to 'spray' with a real can onto a digital screen to create 'Ottoman Street Art', while at the marbling (ebru) workshop they create real art they can take home. They can take selfies dressed as Ottomans, play drums along with a mehter Ottoman military band, make their own 'Hacivat and Karagöz' shadow puppets (and take them home) and flap their arms along with a video game of the famous Ottoman hero Hezarfen, who is said to have been the first human to fly when he made his own wings and jumped off the Galata Tower.


You can purchase one or two hours in the space, during which time the kids are free to wander and try different activities. Parents are charged the same as kids. Kids are also allowed to attend unaccompanied, and all the activities have English and Turkish descriptions (see slide show.)


Don't be put off by the location: click here to find out how to get there by public transport and free shuttles bus.


Hours: Daily 10:00-22:00

Price: 30tl for one hour, 40tl for two hours; kids aged 3-13 only

WebsiteCLICK HERE (website in Turkish only)

Kidzmondo (Trump Tower, Mecidiyeköy)


Kids aged 2-14 can be a doctor/fireman/pilot for a day and even earn money at Kidzmondo in Trump Tower in Istanbul. Kids must be aged 4 and above to take part in activities. An exercise in capitalism, but also in responsibility. Not to mention fun.


Hours: 10:00-18:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

10:00-20:00 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Price: Depends on age and time of week. Sample: 55TL on weekends for kids aged 4-14. See website.

WebsiteCLICK HERE (website in Turkish only)

Vialand (Gaziosmanpaşa)


Istanbul's answer to Disneyland, Vialand has activities for kids of all ages, including roller coasters of varying size and fearfulness, bumper cars, Spongebob Squarepants and Dora 4D movies, a cool playground and an It's a Small World-style leisurely tour of the world on an indoor canal. There are temporary events and shows, including visiting circus shows. Vialand also has a huge shopping center next door, restaurants, occasional live performances, a cinema and a bowling alley. 


Hours: Weekdays 10:00-18:00, Weekends 10:00-20:00

Price: 0-4 Free, Single pass tickets start from 70 TL, but you can get a huge discounts by buying a multipass card.


Istanbul Aquarium (Bakırköy)


At Istanbul Aquarium visitors follow a geographical route, travelling on a path that hosts 16 themes and 1 rainforest going from the Black Sea towards the Pacific. Experience a 5D movie, make your way through the Amazon Labyrinth, go on a Flyride stimulation tour and more. They also have daily fish feeding sessions organized at 15:00. 


Hours: Weekdays 10:00-19:00, Weekends 10:00-20:00

Price: Single tickets start at 25TL for students, but there are many options available to get good discounts.


Cam Ocagi / Glass Furnace (Beykoz)


Despite its distant location, the Glass Furnace is a hidden treasure located in the beautiful district of Beykoz. The camp offers various daily activities as well as overnight camps for adults and kids. Events and classes are all offered in English, however there are Turkish translators. Even a stroll through the impressive workshop and the gift store featuring glass simits and whirling dervishes is worth the trip.


Hours: Vary depending on course timings, see website 

Price: Prices vary according to each activity. For example, overnight camp requires an application fee of $300 and prices for rooms range from $25-$75 per person.  


Jurassic Land (Bayrampaşa)


Jurassic Land imagines what would happen if dinosaurs were somehow resurrected today (much like in the movie). The tour includes 'caged dangerous dinosaurs', a 'hatchery' with eggs, and even a hospital with a Stegosaurus getting an MRI. Plus there are life-size replica dinosaurs, a dino-themed indoor playground, and a 3D movie with effects (might be scary for little ones). With loads of interactive and educational workshops and activities available for kids of all ages from hunting for eggs in a sand pit to riding a replica T-rex, this theme park is a must-see.


Hours: Daily 10:00-20:00

Price: Adult 32TL, Child 25TL, 0-2 years free, Family of 3: 78TL, Family of 4: 96TL


Istanbul Riding Club (Maslak)


Bring the ‪‎kids‬ to watch ‪horse‬ jumping at an equestrian centre smack in the middle of the city.‬ Kids aged 3-13 can also sign up for pony club. There's also a cafe with fast food snacks.


WebsiteCLICK HERE (website in Turkish only)

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