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Books for younger readers

1. The Istanbul Adventure
with Bruce the Goose
Leyla Emory & Gülsevin Kıral

Bruce, the curious little goose, is ready for adventure. Join him as he discovers one of the world's oldest cities, Istanbul. Chased from one landmark to the next by a pair of street cats, Bruce visits magnificent domes, historic towers, majestic palaces, and more. Best of all, along the way, he makes true Turkish friends.


Available on Amazon here. Or at D&R in Turkey here.

2. A Wonderful Day In Istanbul 
Duygu İçil


Emir, Ela and Ali are ready to take their friends Kim and Wendy around Istanbul. Their inseparable friend, Cat, will be with them on this adventurous day.


Would you also like to spend A Wonderful Day in Istanbul hosted by our children?


Available on Amazon here or on D&R in Turkey here.

3. Bella & Harry, Let's Visit Istanbul! 
Lisa Manzione 


Join sibling Chihuahuas Bella and Harry as they travel to Istanbul with their family and cruise the Bosphorus River, visit the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace.  Along the way, local cuisine (such as menemen) is introduced to the reader.


Available on Amazon here.

4. Bebek of the Bosphorus 
Wylla Waters


Bebek is the youngest member of the family of boats that live on the Istanbul Bosphorus. The other boats don't take Bebek seriously because she is so young, but one day she gets the chance to prove to everyone how important she really is.


Available on Amazon here or on Pandora's website in Turkey

Books for older readers

5. The Beyoğlu Adventure 
Sara Şahinkanat Ayşe Alican 


A thrilling Beyoğlu trip undertaken by a Story Hunter named Sinan and his dog Explorer… You will accompany Sinan all over Beyoğlu, step by step, successfully completing his mission despite having Code Pirates on his tail. You will learn so much about its famous historic landmarks.

Available on D&R here or on Yapı Kredi's website in Turkey

6. Istanbul for Kids Burçak Gürün Muraben


Explore the layers of thousands of years of history, through many empires, and what they have become today in the vibrant, multicultural and enigmatic city we know as Istanbul.

Burçak Gürün Muraben mixes history and fable in this engaging and light-hearted guide to Istanbul. Adults seem to enjoy this book as much as children as it has been written in an easy-to-read but not ‘dumbed down’ way. The stories and history bring the city and its treasure trove of historic sites, monuments and relics to life.


Available at D&R in Turkey. Click here for details.

7. Folktales from Turkey
Serpil Ural


26 folk tales from Turkey cast a keen light on the rich heritage of Anatolia. Featuring both characters familiar to the greater region and those that intrigue us with the adventures of lesser known figures these tales give us colorful insights into the multi-cultural aspects of Anatolia. Also provided are small maps that pinpoint the geographical location of the story and more in depth information about the historical and social aspects of the region.


Available on Amazon here on Idefix in Turkey.

8. The Hungry Coat 


Nasrettin Hoca is one of Turkey's most famous folk heros - a kind of wise jester. When he is suddenly ignored at a friend's banquet, he realizes it is his patchwork coat that is turning people away from him. He leaves the party and returns later, wearing a brand-new coat. Now Nasrettin is warmly welcomed. But instead of eating the delicious foods placed before him, he feeds them to his coat!


Available on Amazon here.


Activity books for older readers

9. Exploring Turkey 
Amy Chaple and Audrey Boobar


Explore the wonders of Turkey with your children. Learn about the traditions, the food, the history, places to visit, and all that Turkey has to offer as you join Nasreddin Hodja and his friends on an educational adventure.


Also Available in Turkish, Russian and German.


Available on Amazon here or on Robinson Crusoe's website in Turkey

10. Folk Costumes of Turkey
Amy Chaple 


Turkey has enjoyed a long and fascinating cultural history. This can be truly appreciated through a look at traditional costumes. An informative caption and a drawing from the region accompany each costume. This is an activity book that everyone can learn from and enjoy, both as a visual experience and as a way to learn more about Turkish culture and tradition.


Available on Amazon here or on Idefix for deliveries within Turkey.

These books can occasionally be found in bookstores in Istanbul such as
D&R, Pandora, Robinson Crusoe, Çitlembik, Yapı Kredi,
the Sabancı Museum Gift Shop or online at Idefix and Greenhouse

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